• Helmuth Y. Bunu Universitas Palangka Raya
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Keywords: hinterland, remote area, negotiation, participation


Education problems in remore areas in the border province at Central Kalimantan have long been identified but minor policy has been induced to solve.  This paper anylize practices to overcome problems all stakeholders may tparticipate though a concept of negotiation of education empowerment.  Basically, education problems in Central Kalimantan include: isolated and remoted area, low perception on education impact for children,  low societal participation on education, paucityof education nuancein public areas,  low social-economy of hinterland people, short number of teachers assigned in hinterland areas, ineffective menagement of teachers distribution and control.  At the secondary and senior level, availablity of SMP and SMA schools nearby has been crucial to solve.  Negotiation among stakeholders to overcome the basic education problems are required to facilitate facilities, empowerment, participations, and involvments of community, parents, schildren and traditional head, and government.  



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Bunu, H. Y. (2016). MENEGOSIASIKAN PENDIDIKAN PADA MASYARAKAT PEDALAMAN. Cendekia: Jurnal Pendidikan Dan Pembelajaran, 10(2), 133-158.